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3D mobile phone shell

In comparison to modern 3D mobile phone shell casing sold in the market than in picture quality and quality are further overflights. Plane relative to the market to sell mobile phone cover, 3D Mobile Shell has a new 3D graphics, it can better demonstrate the modern pursuit of youth and beauty, the overall shape a horizon as the perfect image, perfect exchanges of technology and fashion. In terms of quality, without using like a silicone shell for a long time, body and the body to avoid "stuck like glue" effect, sometimes I have to get the phone "fly out of the cage" not while Crystal shell because of their rigid, easy to collapse, may lead to a change of frequency.

Relief phone shell, 2013 is market Shang compared hot of a phone shell, relief phone shell has bright of pictures effect, and has strongly of feel, is a paragraph compared high-end of phone shell, relief phone shell is with relief printer directly print up of, wants to do what pictures as long as in computer Shang put you wants to of pictures do, directly in phone shell Shang print relief effect on can has. Embossing machines of domestic and imported, in general import relief printed lines and delicate, the color solid, crisp lines of natural, home made embossing machine most of the more than 100,000 to about 200,000, while imports range from hundreds of thousands of millions, so print out mobile phone housing costs are not the same.

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