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Crystal shell

Silicone case and Holster is different, also have insufficient for comprehensive protection, and a mobile phone case comes into being. This is award-women's Crystal case. It is made of plexiglass, the appearance of thick solid, shell and translucent. Not only can protect cell phones, but is unlikely to affect the appearance, long won the silicone cover and Holster. But Crystal Shell to buy a test perspective. Although Crystal shell cost is not high, technology is relatively simple, but some businesses in order to earn higher profits on workmanship and materials or on the province to province. 

First of all, Crystal shell the appearance depends to a large extent, abrasive, abrasive, and made out of Crystal quality and production skills. Crystal case size made by irregular Abrasives will be biased, some can't even fill the phone then, Crystal shell thickness requirements more stringent. Bad is too thin or hardness, it is easy to break. If it is too thick, it will affect the operation. Also, since that of Crystal, Crystal shell casing must be translucent, however some Crystal shell is gray or yellow, this is Jerry's problem. Crystal case of course there are disadvantages, because of its link with mobile phones have a certain degree of hardness, so they will inevitably create friction, especially corners of the phone, usually wear on the four parts of the mobile phone is the most serious. Shopping with caution, do not be afraid of goods than the goods.

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