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Mobile phone films

Phone film and said phone beauty film, and phone protection film, is can for framed phone fuselage surface, and screen and the other tangible objects of a cold mounted film, type range, according to its uses can is divided into: phone screen protection film, and phone fuselage protection film; function by initially of simple anti-scraping protection film to idskin, and chinee launched function type protection film series can is divided into: anti-glimpse film, and mirror film, and AR film, and mill sand film, and HD film, and anti-scraping protection film, and 3D film, and phone fuselage anti-scraping spent protection film, and diamond film, and tempered film,.

Engine protector is the most basic business, a lot of people bought a new machine, know the screen protection film affixed, but such protection is only partial, mobile phone cover body is the most easy to wear, but it should be protected, then the whole protective film on it.

This protective film role is the protection, after a few months, removing membrane, cell phone is brand new! There is no wear and stains!

The main purpose of which is to protect the casing of this product, choose more transparent film, according to the plastic resistance, tensile and abrasion index, divide the material into many levels. Daqin transparent film comes in dozens of varieties, products covered by the common type, mid-range and high-end products, suitable for all kinds of mobile phone case, meet the needs of different customer groups.

Invisible phone techniques is the use of new technologies, compared with traditional coating technologies has new improvements, and seals, cell phones and complete one protective film, the effect is excellent, feeling like there is no coating and less recoil. Mobile cosmetic effect is completely invisible, invisible mobile phone techniques.

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