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Mobile phone speaker

Speakers are available for electrical signals into acoustic signal transducer device performance a great influence on the sound quality of your speakers. Speakers in the audio equipment is one of the most vulnerable, and for sound effects, and it is one of the most important parts. A wide variety of speakers, and the prices vary greatly. Audio energy via electromagnetic, piezoelectric and electrostatic effects, make it paper cone or diaphragm to vibrate and resonate with the surrounding air (resonance) and sound.

Low-grade plastic speakers because of its thin box, unable to overcome resonance, no sound at all (there are also part of the design of plastic speakers are far more likely to an inferior wood speaker); wooden speaker sound-reducing Cabinet resonance caused by the dye, generally good sound quality in the plastic box.

Usually is a two-Unit II multimedia speaker crossover design, a small speaker in charge of high output, and another larger speaker in charge of bass output.

Selected speakers should take into account the two Horn material: multimedia active speaker tweeter is now dominated by soft ball (there are also used to simulate the sound of titanium ball, etc), matched it with a digital audio source can reduce the sense of rigidity of the high frequency signals, gives a gentle, smooth, delicate feel. Multimedia speakers with better quality of films and lower-cost PV membranes and soft ball are most common.

It determines the sound woofer characteristics of choice is relatively important, the most common are as follows: Cone, and apply adhesive paper, paper-based wool Bowl, tightly pressed, and so on.

Paper sound natural, cheap, good rigidity, the material is light sensitive, the disadvantage is that consistency when poor resistance to moisture, making it difficult to control, but top HiFi system using cone paper abound, because the sound output is very average and good reconversion.

Bullet-proof cloth, wide frequency response and low distortion is very fond of strong bass of choice, disadvantage is the high cost, manufacturing complex, high sensitivity to light music effect is not good enough.

Wool knitting, soft texture, it is very good soft music and light music, but poor bass effects, lack of strength and power.

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