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Tempered glass phone sticker

Tempered glass cell phone film 2012 United States new phone protection film, is at present, protect the screen to strengthen the protection of the most high end products.

The thickness of this layer is only 0.1 mm, the original screen completely covered, prevent damage from outside, scratched and increases shock absorption, 5 times higher than the standard of PET film. Do not affect video effects screen.

Tempered glass used in the home are many, Windows, table, shower rooms, and so on. Many times heard the tempered glass, people will think of "seed" of the word, as we all know, glass broken in the past without sharp corners, it is also called "safety glass" tempered glass explode events but because, to convince people, tempered glass is also sporadic missile around!

General plastics foil surface hardness of not more than 3H hardness of about 6 per cent of glass, and tempered glass, hardness, slightly higher than ordinary glass.

Hard enough on the surface, scratch, even if you take a knife and in the above strong strokes don't scratch, because iron hardness are below the glass, let alone after tempering. Weaknesses: brittle. Made so thin that hard thing, is still fragile. If posted on the cell phone screen subject to strong impact, film itself, like glass, cracked. You have to change. However, most people are good screen protection, isn't it?

Scratch-resistant explosion-proof: prevent cellphone accidentally flying impact caused the breakage of the glass panel, glass panel hidden damage reduction, and ensure user safety. While preventing accidental scratches, impact mobile in appearance.

Easy to use simple, do not bubble up. Picture light transmission up to 98%. Without prejudice to the use of cell phones and other cell phone accessories.

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