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Use of mobile phone film

Follow the steps below photos clean screen

(1) to blow dust around the phone. 

(2) large soft brush to dust with a lens pen. 

(3) finally wipe the fine dust with a wiping cloth, note that the wiping cloth gently wipe three times from left to right, do not rub back and forth, so easy to move the dust around, the result is still on the screen. 2. film starts (1) extended bulge ripped the first layer under film (protective film of a film), keeping in mind that don't completely tear apart the layers under the membrane, can tear one corner, and don't let the joint surface exposed to the air for a long time, easy coated with dust. (2) will open a Vice film this side of alignment screen affixed to the screen slowly. 3) with credit card or hard plastic tablets extended with posted film direction gently pressure push, such do of with posted film direction gently pressure push, such do of purpose is ensure posted film process in the not produced bubble, side pressure push of while, side also to observation has fitting part whether has bubble produced, once found has bubble, on should gently opening up, removed dust Hou continues to operation, if completely posted good has, again found has bubble, remedy on not easy has. 

(4) post after leveling, slowly tearing the second Vice-film on the surface. (Such as model screen is sunken, with sticky Scotch tape to stick it out.

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