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Combining Public Card Phone Case

Public card phones card card smart watches are popular with the public, both product features and public card b card features the same, but with a new design, for users to win the higher "rates".

Public card phone case card shapes no different from ordinary mobile phone shell, but inside the citizen card payment chips have been installed, use the public mobile phone shell sensing area to complete the payment to scan back alignment (pictured), quick and easy. It is understood that currently Wujiang City Card Service Center for the time being only suited iPhone6, iPhone6s and iPhone6s Plus the public card phone card, available at Wujiang city card service center, Wujiang district zero-distance public transport services for the convenience centers and convenience stores to the public card phone card.

In addition, the citizen card service center also launched a public card Smart Watch, the watch can be used to pay for public transportation, can also be part of the shopping mall, supermarket shopping.

Public forest just after using the citizen card Smart Watch said: "the citizen card and watch is something we often have to use, when combined, we are more convenient to use, and when you use it on public transport, consumer payment ' rates ' very high fashion himself a handful. ”

Wujiang card service centre staff wishes to remind, the functions of these two products with the public card b card features the same, for the time being can only be used within the Suzhou city, anonymous and do not report the loss, not to mention now, members of the public to take good care of it.

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