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How To Buy Mobile Phone Housing

If we want to use the phone, when we select, first note that it purchased the channel, then a second smell three feel.

First of all, try not to select the Mobile Shell color is too bright, because bright colors may contain a large number of heavy metal exposure through the skin into the body, damage to the kidneys, the liver has a certain role.

Secondly, it has a pungent smell, choked eye carefully.

Finally, feel soft or strong, fade to choose, in the production of such products is likely residual organic solvent benzene. Recommended best buy regular factory production of pure silicone material or leather phone case, do not select plastic products.

In addition, make calls, play games or watch video, preferably in a ventilated place; called to try to use the headset try to avoid exposing children to mobile shell.

Experiments show that mobile phone shell now that there are carcinogens, more and more people like to phone "wear" on a shell, both personalized and avoid the phone looks worn. However, CCTV is that true show experiment has left many people shaken by an investigation team: these looks or cute or luxurious phone case actually contain carcinogens. Experts say Cancer Hospital of Jiangsu Province, formaldehyde is carcinogenic, has the potential to cause leukemia in outdoor or well-ventilated environment has little effect on the body, if in small spaces such as in bed, formaldehyde can cause damage to humans.

Ago, wide, many experts have called for as soon as the relevant "case" standard. Industry experts remind consumers avoided buying colorful or so-called "cortex" of mobile phone sets, containing relatively high because they are harmful ingredients.

International food packaging Association General Secretary Dong Jin Shi suggested that when purchasing this product, cannot be taken to avoid those colors too bright cell phone case. Don't be too fancy colors, especially bright to be careful. Pungent odors or smells disgusting, or choke your eyes, be careful. Best touch, too soft, fade, or after touching the hands of excitement, smell, or touch the special hard, particularly large strength, these will have to be careful. However it is recommended that you choose to buy the regular brand of products. Regular factory production in line with national standards of mobile shell, containing very few harmful substances, had little effect on the body, the public can rest assured that use.

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