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How To Choose mobile phone case?

1. how to use mobile shell?

CCTV has broadcast, mobile bacteria, 10 times dirtier than toilets. About how to clean up the mobile toilet, it is benevolent. Make reminder phone case can effectively isolate bacteria on a mobile phone, a mobile phone shell used time should not be more than 3 months.

2. mobile phone shell other than stain-resistant screen what egg?

Phone screen is getting bigger, if not to the shell on the phone, then the screen fast enough money to buy a mobile phone. Outside the phone case can not only protect the screen and the motherboard, can help mobile beauty, changes the appearance phones. But so far there have been two kinds of casing, the first is to enhance the mobile phone cover cell-phone signal, the shell-whether it be data or WiFi signal, can be expanded transmission. Another is radiation cell phone case, cell phones are a source of radiation, but with this shell and got radiation face to become trapped. Cell phone case, not just the screen so simple.

3. mobile phone cover many styles, how to choose?

Current cell phone shell can be divided into: silicone shell, metal shell, husk, TPU shell, plastic, wooden and Crystal shells. Advantages and disadvantages of mainstream mobile shell as in the figure, you can choose according to their needs.

4. Select phone case considerations?

1, for health reasons, cell phones shell formaldehyde-containing leather shell, followed by plastic.

2, regular cell phones, especially like the hand people, select the Mobile Shell, you need to mesh shell, or mobile shell with ventilation holes first so favourable to the use of heat in the process.

3, the crowd often have a habit of charging cell phones, never with the metal protection cover. Instead, choose plastic and Crystal kind of insulator.

4, when you buy a phone, don't go for looks. Custom phone case is now mainstream, and mobile phone shell before starting, to close to smell smell of mobile shell, if distinct pungent smell, you can't afford to start.

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