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Mobile Phone Film Black Technology Is Not Just Smart

Mobile phone under the foil as the Smartphone wave launched one of the most widely used products, many manufacturers are flocking into this area in nearly two years, films become every mobile phone sales outlets and even the streets of a unique landscape. However, the cell phone film industry product innovation is weak, is behind the bustling noise of high product homogeneity, Lite products so that consumers cannot distinguish between good and bad mixed under ... ...

Is in the context of this industry was established in 2014, intellectual film technology but with "Smartphone film" grabbed a large number of loyal users. Named "smart film", which also happens to fit the company's unique perspective on the market: in the field of intelligent, mobile phone films must find its own direction.

Black screen state, Zhang Zhi membrane technology staff on the phone screen of the table border margin click, phone immediately come to the photo mode. Reporters had time for this "black science" expressed surprise, Chang again at border points, cell phones now switch to the scan code page to pay.

"This is what we think tank membrane science and technology science and technology developed and launched the new ' films mobile phone ', which is the basis of most ' key features '. ' One-click payment ', everyday when we pay by mobile phone, you need to take out cell phones, unlocked and open Alipay, to come to the payment page, step is tedious, in case there are a lot of people waiting, it was embarrassing. Mobile one-click payment using our film, in one step, very easy. ”

Zhi membrane technology showed reporters a "membrane cell phone" appearance point of view just a normal mobile phone film beauty but odd is that, when you posted this after the new film, as long as the installation of a dedicated APP, mobile film that won the "IntelliSense" – non-touch screen area or cell phone operations. In addition, the film subverts traditional mobile phone film single protective screen of mobile phone functions. Implements security calls, privacy, dual systems dual application and maximum protection of your vision intelligent films, such as new features, make the film phone a user worthy of the name "second phone".

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