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Mobile Phone Shell Can Make IPhone Anti-monitoring

Privoro said, with this product, listen for iPhone is an impossible task.

For the consumer, mobile communication security is very important, they are worried that their private information leaked out without knowing it. Recently, Privoro, a network security company at the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas has launched a new iPhone casing to ensure communications security.

It is understood that this Privoro cell phone protective shells is a corporate executives and Government officials, its market price of $ 999 (about RMB 6663), the company said, with this product, listen for iPhone is an impossible task.

This Privoro cell phone protective case made of expensive metals and, although the production process is very delicate, but after you put the iPhone up gives a strange feeling, iPhone becomes very long. Of course, users don't have to set it on the iPhone, use when you can have an important call.

In fact, Privoro does not provide encryption functionality during the call, but it can be combined with software to publish some of the noise, all the listening behaviour can only hear some noises interfering sound, let listeners hear some meaningless noise is preventing an effective means of monitoring.

In addition to the iPhone mobile phones outside the shell, the Internet security for Mac also plans to launch camera protectors to avoid camera Mac device be opened remotely by hackers.

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