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Mobile Shell More And More Intelligent

As Smartphones become more and more popular, and peripheral product features more and more powerful. Reporters visited Ningbo digital market, it only plays a protective phone case, also spawned a number of new features, not only when the Chargers, also can be used for the self timer, the market fever is quite high.

Additional functionality upgrades

Don't need the self timer, does not require a hand, cell phones can be adsorbed on any smooth object. Yesterday afternoon, a digital ego digital square around the shops, the reporter saw a phone case with adsorption capability.

According to staff introduced, since the phone went on sale from selling well. "Mobile phone shells are made of special silicon, adsorption capacity is very strong. It can be adsorbed on any smooth surface, the case of inconvenience for users in both hands, live video, watch movies and using the phone calls. ”

In addition, many mobile phone charging case doubles as a treasure and expansion vessel. Reporters on TaoBao entered the Smartphone shell and eject a lot of search results. A cell phone charging monthly sales of more than 3,000 pieces of shell, look similar to ordinary phone case thickness 13.5 mm, known as containing a 2000 mAh battery capacity, electricity to power mobile phone charger with zero to about 70%.

And the other a handset price of 299 Yuan, with charging function at the same time, also for mobile storage capacity of 16G. There are more functional phone case comes with a screen saver on, connected with a mobile phone via Bluetooth, the corresponding information "transferred" to the screen, indirectly, reduce the frequency of light up the screen, save the phone battery drain effect.

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