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Phone Protection Film Should Be A Year For

Touch-screen smartphone usage increasing, many people in order to prevent phone screen wear, put a protective film. But after using this protective film may appear on various scratch, coat with a lot of dirty things. Mobile phone sales professionals hongtao Wang, Director of the eye hospital optometry Center Li Li-Hua Wang Yixin, second affiliated hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Dermatology experts warned that in such a situation should be promptly replaced a protective film. Protective films for mobile phones, preferably once a year.

Scratches on the cell phone screen protector can affect light transmission rate, so that the clarity of the screen lower, in this case, in order to see the content on the screen, people will automatically place the phone near your eyes, especially when the sunny outdoors, this problem will become even more prominent. At this point, the ciliary muscle of the eye are often strained, the convexity of the lens increases, eyes it is easy to regulate excessive fatigue. Over time, the convex lens cannot be restored to a normal state, could lead to or worsen myopia.

People touch every day a variety of things, also will pick up a lot of dust and bacteria on their hands, and secreted grease on their hands, these may be left on the cell phone screen protector. If you call the phone close to the face, protective film on the dirt would attach to the face skin, over time, can clog pores and cause acne and pimples appear

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