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Silicon Gift Have Good Flexibility

With the continuous development of silicone industry innovation, Silicon Gift in a wide range of applications in various industries, the market is also more and more Silicon Gift, but also there have been some inferior or counterfeit Silicon Gift, then buy Silicon Gift when we how To judge the quality of Silicon Gift do?

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance is the production of Silicon Gift with the shape of the Silicon Gift can withstand the loss of the surface, good Silicon Gift generally surface friction due to external factors rarely affect the surface, does not affect the performance of the appearance, text, color. While the quality of poor quality Silicon Gift on the surface character easy to fall out.

2. Elasticity

Silicon Gift have good flexibility, because the high elasticity is mainly from the silicone molecular chain of movement, so when you buy Silicon Gift to see the flexibility of Silicon Gift to determine the quality

3. Tear strength and tensile strength

High tear strength of Silicon Gift, outstanding resistance to destruction, long life, not susceptible to external environmental interference, tear strength of the poor performance of the Silicon Gift generally appear in the tear process prone to cracks, and thus force the rapid expansion of cracking and lead to damage phenomenon.

4.Silicon Gift by alternating stress (or strain) role, the material structure and performance changes in the phenomenon of fatigue. With the progress of the fatigue process, resulting in the destruction of Silicon Gift, said the phenomenon of fatigue damage.

5. Hardness and tensile stress

Reflect the rubber material stiffness (stiffness) of the important indicators, both Silicon Gift produce a certain deformation of the force required in the purchase of Silicon Gift, the most important thing is to look at wear resistance, elasticity, tear strength. If it is consistent with the description of good quality Silicon Gift, if not satisfied to give up, so as to avoid the loss of financial resources. In the case of

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