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Silicon Gift Loved By Young People

Silicon Gift Environmentally friendly silicone bracelet, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects on the human body. Made of eco-food grade silicone material made of soft, no cracking, long life, do not stimulate the skin and other advantages, soft texture with design generous, simple, bright colors, loved by domestic and foreign customers. This is nowadays is a popular color silicone jewelry, is the groupies and promotional fashion items. Now most people who play basketball like to bring two silicone bracelet on the wrist, most people are to catch up with the fashion trend, but do not know what the real purpose of silicone wrist.

1. To prevent sweat flow to the hands of the players caused by the phenomenon of ball.

Because it is made of high-grade environmentally friendly silicone,Silicon Gift can effectively absorb the sweat discharged from the human body, to prevent sweat flow to the players caused the phenomenon of the ball ball.

2. To facilitate team identification.

Street basketball is popular, as do not know the ball friends (often alone play street ball, so the game when the jersey may be different.) In order to play in the game with some means (mostly air relay), often Reach out to the ball, and they identify the teammate's logo is the wrist on the wrist color. Why the street ball master's pocket often have 4 to 5 different colors of the wristband,Silicon Gift is to facilitate the team! The

3. In order to convey the beliefs of the wearer

In today's society people have more voice, to express their own ideas and beliefs in a variety of ways. Because the silicone wrist strap DIY is very flexible, according to people's requirements to their own want to express the LOGO text engraved on the wrist band,Silicon Gift so as to achieve the role of faith in the wrist band. 

4. fashion trendy decorations

Silicone bracelet color colorful, can be based on their own preferences to choose their favorite color and style. Wear on the future with their own clothing can play a very good decorative embellishment role. Catch up with the fashionable tide of essential goods.

With the development and progress of science and technology era, the current silicone bracelet has become a popular jewelry, and loved by young people. It is mainly made of natural solid silicone rubber pressed by the hydraulic press,Silicon Gift is a silicone gift in a, with a certain tension and softness, no cracking, long life, do not stimulate the skin, is the real green jewelry.

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