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Silicon Gift With A Soft, No Cracking, Long Service Life

Silicone bracelet features, with a variety of fluorescent, luminous, a variety of colors of silicone bracelet, the nature is soft deformation, non-toxic,

Wear, high temperature, long life, do not hurt the skin and so on.

The use of silicone bracelet for a variety of casinos can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc., in the jewelry is more hot fashion products,

Silicone bracelet is a low-cost consumables, but the advertising efficiency is high,Silicon Gift to bring a lot of use, in the silicone bracelet to add logo or some patterns,

These can also reflect the people wearing the beliefs and values.

In the purchase of silicone bracelet when we need to pay attention to what? Here we come to understand that the silicone bracelet is a natural solid silicone rubber pressed by the hydraulic press, with wear resistance, high temperature, no deformation, non-toxic and tasteless, a certain tension and flexibility,Silicon Gift deformation recovery soon, With a soft, no cracking, long life and do not stimulate the skin, etc., is a good green jewelry. Now we have a lot of common bracelet, fabric, metal, silicone variety, so the bracelet in the market above is very popular, but how to identify the quality of a product in the silicone products industry, the form of material identification in different forms , We are in the silicone bracelet purchase can use the following points to identify,

1. Kiss smell, you can cut a little bit of silica gel with fire,Silicon Gift really silicone bracelet, burning edge for the white, burning residue for the powder. And false silicone bracelet after the edge of the fire is black, was burning fire, smoke black, with a stench.

2. Look at the product to see if there is something clean in the silicone product, or some deviation from the color to see if the box is complete, whether the printing error, bracelet diameter is the rule, "thickness" is the same,Silicon Gift whether the edge of the hand ring There is excess colloid. General high-quality silicone products will not have burrs or rough phenomenon, the surface is very smooth.

3. touch the product, a high-quality silicone product surface is very smooth, there will be no rough, then the main sense of the distinction between hand, high-quality silicone bracelet appearance, feel smooth and delicate, toughness, flexibility is very good, not easy External force and permanent deformation, but fake silicone system

The product is easy to deform and not restore, because the fake silicone bracelet surface is not a layer of grease-like material, so it will be more rough. Second,Silicon Gift if the plastic ring on the convex color of the word or LOGO, the letter or LOGO can be deducted, if the letter or LOGO deduction phenomenon, then this product is likely to be false silicone products.

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