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Silicon Gift With High Transparency, High Refractive Index Characteristics

We usually say that Silicon Gift has two physical states, one is the flow of liquid; one is solid. Non-solid like water can flow like Silicon Gift gel we call liquid silicone; of course, liquid silicone has a certain viscosity, usually more than the water density, so the mobility is not as strong as water. Liquid Silicon Gift gel after curing agent or catalyst will occur after curing reaction, according to the different types of liquid silicone will be cured into different hardness and different properties of solid Silicon Gift gel.

Liquid Silicon Gift gel according to the performance, the use of different can be divided into:

Mold liquid silicone is a new type of molding materials, silicone rubber mold made of mold compared to steel mold production efficiency and production costs in a huge advantage. Today, mold silicone has been widely used in the toy gift industry, medical, electronics, machinery, character reproduction, home decoration and decoration industry, unsaturated resin handicraft industry, simulation of animal and plant sculpture, Buddha carving crafts and other industries die production.

Printing liquid silicone is used to make printing plastic head, mainly used for plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks, irregular patterns of printing. Printing the plastic head is the pattern on the steel plate through the plastic head to do the carrier, then the pattern on the plate transfer in the toy products. Printing liquid silicone can be added by adding silicone oil to control the hardness.

Electronic potting liquid silicone is mainly used for electronic products potting, the use of electronic potting liquid silicone can play a sealed electronic products, waterproof, dust, heat, shock, insulation and so on. In addition, one is used for LED potting, with high transparency, high refractive index characteristics.

Shouban liquid silicone is also known as the first version of Silicon Gift gel, usually used for the production of Shouban model, compared to Shiban sludge plate liquid silicone solidified with abrasion, strong resilience characteristics.

Silicone glue is what we usually call glass glue, it is also a kind of liquid silicone. Silicone glue in the course of the use of disorder to add curing agent, the water molecules in the air can be cured into a tough solid, so as to achieve the bonding between the glass gap. Cured silicone rubber has a weatherability, vibration resistance, and moisture, odor and adapt to the characteristics of hot and cold changes.

Liquid clothing signs Silicone curing is that we often see the clothing to the silicone label. The use of liquid silicone production of clothing signs with a good feel, wear, high production efficiency.

Ordinary high-temperature mold for the production of silicone molds can be high temperature between 200 to 300 degrees Celsius, and for aviation and bronzing and other industries high temperature liquid silicone curing can be a long time in the 400 ℃ to 1300 ℃ environment work The performance changes.

So when the purchase of Silicon Gift to first look at the Silicon Gift, wear resistance, elasticity, tear strength, but also pay attention to the smell, if these conditions are in line with these conditions that is good quality Silicon Gift, if not satisfied to give up, so as not to Resulting in financial losses.

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