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Silicon Kitchenware Anti-aging, Environmental Protection

Silicon Kitchenware People living faster and faster, we hope that kitchen utensils cooking healthy, simple, easy to operate, easy to save time, maintenance, cleaning convenience, a rag to get more intimate! So good kitchen appliances for housewives are very important, But often the kitchen cleaning and maintenance work is the most troublesome housewives, the most troublesome problem. Watch the kitchen rusty, stains, grunge, to waste a lot of time cleaning and maintenance work, affecting the peace and beauty of the mood.

 Kitchen utensils health can not be ignored, some kitchen utensils due to internal quality problems, or because of grease, rust and other clean dirty. Unhealthy kitchenware is easy to attract cockroaches, rats, ants and so on. The use of poor quality rust, wear, smell the kitchen utensils,Silicon Kitchenware food will be contaminated, easy to eat lead to chronic poisoning, the last money and health of the double loss.

Silica gel can be shaped into various shapes and patterns, but also because the silicone has a food grade, medical grade, high temperature, resistance to steam, high life, soft, high resistance to the silicone material because it is a fine molecule and the primary shape of the raw material is massive Tear and other properties, it is widely used in daily necessities. Most of the Western kitchen supplies are made of silicone, cake dishes, bowls, spoons, brushes, shovels, because Shin-Etsu Silicone's food migration and small, volatile in 0.25 percent, suitable for use in All kinds of food applications, non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly.

Because of the elasticity and flexibility of silica gel, in recent years has also been used in the body care, production into insoles, foot care, gloves, athletes of the movement of joint protection and all kinds of health care, also used in the field of women's products,Silicon Kitchenware become female body and environmental Patron saint.

Food grade silicone is added to the silicone type, high transparency, linear shrinkage less than 0.1%, high temperature up to 250 ℃, in a sealed environment is not reduced heating, mainly for food mold, candy mold, cake mold and size requirements Stable equipment, and carbon fiber composites.

Food Silicone Features

① food grade silicone is environmentally friendly silicone, non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, no yellowing.

② soft, good elasticity, resistance to kink without deformation.

③ not cracking, long life, cold and high temperature.

④ has a higher tear strength and superior electrical performance.

⑤ It has the advantages of high transparency, no taste, no yellow, no water spray, soft, high tear resistance, high insulation, abrasion resistance,Silicon Kitchenware high temperature, flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection, tensile type, stable performance advantage.

Food Silicone Use

Edible grade silicone with its unique environmental protection, high temperature, soft, dirt, non-stick and other superior performance, is widely used in kitchen baking, cooking, mixing and other processes. Silicone ware is also changing the traditional kitchen environment,Silicon Kitchenware so that we enjoy a higher quality cooking experience.

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