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Silicon Kitchenware Green

Today, the development of Silicon Kitchenware industry demand for a large number of industries can see the environmental protection of silicone products, especially in life among the most common, to 2016 today, China's silicone development has been years of history, from foreign rubber The introduction of products to natural rubber R & D in the gradual to the inorganic silica gel and organic silica gel, until now the highly competitive organic solid Silicon Kitchenware industry, carrying many years for many industries and cars and military, etc. brought a very useful auxiliary tool!

Silicone on the understanding of the people we all know its characteristics and functions, the reason why we can be widely applied to them, and as a Silicon Kitchenware industry, many of the manufacturers of silicone products should be called green business? In recent years, with China's rubber and plastics industry continues to grow, which is also for each enterprise product requirements and management links should be meticulous to meet the requirements of qualified. For each enterprise to achieve cost control to maximize the support integration to minimize the use of production environment management to do the best equipment at any time to detect updates, so that the Silicon Kitchenware industry to achieve the leading enterprises in rubber and plastics, to achieve the maximum use of limited resources To create environmentally friendly green benchmark development business!

In order to strive for the green development of the industry, do not say to the Silicon Kitchenware industry dragged the legs but have to go to the Silicon Kitchenware industry enterprises in the front, Zhen Mei Silicon Kitchenware is no exception, in 2016 today Zhenmei dedicated to environmental protection products More than 12! Professional research and development of Silicon Kitchenware products and production and marketing around the company together, combined with these years the silicone market business is full of the country, in the industry which fought for many years or bumps in the country can be considered a little Reputation, for the majority of customers and the support of our friends, we continue to innovate and change, this has been the majority of customers known as green green benchmarking enterprises.

(1) hot vulcanized Silicon Kitchenware in the world's developing countries, the production and consumption of Silicon Kitchenware have reached a very high level, and the development of very fast

speed. Although China in recent years in HTV production technology and production capacity has been greatly improved, and there have been some production of Silicon Kitchenware products

Technology and products into the international market. But fully speaking, China's Silicon Kitchenware industry and the international advanced level, there is still no small gap. because

This, the development and establishment of a larger scale of the size of the hot vulcanized Silicon Kitchenware raw rubber and rubber mixing device, the development of varieties of rubber series, especially high

Quality varieties, for the change in China's compound in the yield and variety should rely on the status quo abroad to promote China's organic silicon and related industries into the technology into

Step has a very important significance.

(2) room temperature vulcanized Silicon Kitchenware, one-component sealant, for example, due to disorderly market competition, most manufacturers in order to reduce costs,

The use of lower prices of recycled materials as the main raw material, the use of cross-linking agent is also mostly small factories for the product, the quality of instability, resulting in

The overall quality of the final product is degraded and performance is affected. High-performance sealant is mainly used in the import and import of packaged products, such as curtain walls

With the structure of plastic and weathering and so on. These are the future should pay attention to solve the problem. High-performance building sealant and additive Silicon Kitchenware is developed

Hot spots. The construction sealant is focused on improving the drying time and curing time, and the adhesion with the substrate, especially with the pouring of concrete adhesion.

At the same time should achieve continuous production, to overcome the intermittent with plastic production process of poor stability, loss of large, ineffective and other shortcomings. addition

Silicon Kitchenware is mainly to improve its flexibility and transparency, there is the development of single-component added Silicon Kitchenware. Silicon Kitchenware for other special purpose applications

Rubber, such as flame-retardant Silicon Kitchenware potting material, high damping Silicon Kitchenware, high corrosion resistance high tear Silicon Kitchenware, anti-electromagnetic interference Silicon Kitchenware, high temperature (350 ℃

On) Silicon Kitchenware and so on.

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