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Silicon Kitchenware With Automatic Disinfection Function, No Stain, Easy To Clean

With the development of science and technology, kitchenware varieties and materials slowly have become more, which is more popular is the silicone material of the kitchenware, silica spatula mainly, but a lot of people still doubt silicone spatula toxic? Can hope to everyone understand silicone spatula toxic it help.

Silicone rubber is a kind of highly active adsorption material, which belongs to amorphous matter, and its chemical formula is MSIO2┬ĚNH2O. Insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid and no matter what the reaction. Various types of Silicon Kitchenware with different manufacturing methods to form different micro-pore structure. The chemical composition and physical structure of Silicon Kitchenware determine that it has many other similar materials difficult to replace the characteristics: High adsorption properties, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength and so on. Silicon Kitchenware According to its pore size is divided into: macroporous Silicon Kitchenware, coarse pore Silicon Kitchenware, B-type Silicon Kitchenware, microporous Silicon Kitchenware.

How can Silicon Kitchenware be poisonous? The stability of Silicon Kitchenware is particularly good, especially high temperature and low temperature, can be heated by microwave ovens without deformation or release of toxic substances, can also be put in the freezer refrigeration!

Silicone because the texture is closer to human skin, and non-toxic odorless, so the baby's pacifier is also made of Silicon Kitchenware, and good Silicon Kitchenware with automatic disinfection function, not stain, easy to clean, now many fashionable families are using silicone kitchenware, because it can cook completely with microwave ovens, compared to save time, More important is that no soot is produced.

When it comes to silicone kitchenware have to say that silicone material, in the kitchen tableware products It is used food grade Silicon Kitchenware as raw materials plus anti-yellow color gold curing agent, ordinary silica body is non-toxic tasteless, but this connection to our life natural green safety and environmental protection can not be ignored, Therefore, silicone products manufacturers purchase the price of a little more expensive food grade silicone raw materials can be more comfortable to use, silicone kitchenware compared with traditional tableware, more rich in the color of the tableware, let us look more lively cooking food, soft material do not worry about breaking phenomenon, cleaning more simple and convenient, when the storage more space. "Look, so many advantages do you have any reason not to use it?"

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