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Silicon Part Cleaning Process Is Extremely Necessary

Silicon Part cleaning is the foundation of making photovoltaic cells and integrated circuits, and the effect of cleaning directly affects the ultimate performance, efficiency and stability of photovoltaic cells and integrated circuits. The Silicon Part is cut from the silicon rod, the silicon surface of the multi-layer lattice in the damaged state, covered with unsaturated suspension key, suspension of the high activity, very easy to absorb the external impurity particles, resulting in The wafer surface is contaminated and the performance deteriorates. Where the particulate matter will lead to the decrease of the dielectric strength of the Silicon Part, the metal ion will increase the reverse leakage current of the P-N junction of the photovoltaic cell and reduce the life of the minority. The organic compound will deteriorate the quality of the oxide layer and the H2O will aggravate the corrosion of the silicon surface. Cleaning the silicon chip not only to remove the impurities on the surface of the wafer and to pass the wafer surface passivation, thereby reducing the silicon surface adsorption capacity. High-quality Silicon Part on the surface cleanliness requirements are very strict, theoretically does not allow the existence of any particles, metal ions, organic adhesion, water vapor, oxide, and silicon surface requirements of the atomic level of flatness, silicon edge The suspension key terminates with hydrogen. At present, due to the shortcomings of wafer cleaning technology, large-scale integrated circuit because of the cleanliness of silicon material is not enough to produce problems or even failure ratio of 50%, so optimize the wafer cleaning process is extremely necessary

Commonly used silicon cleaning technology is wet cleaning and dry cleaning. Wet cleaning with a strong corrosive and oxidizing chemical solvents, such as H2SO4, H2O2, DHF, NH3 ยท H2O and other solvents, silicon surface impurity particles and the chemical reaction of the solvent to produce soluble substances, gas or directly off. In order to improve the removal of impurities, you can use megaphone, heating,Silicon Part vacuum and other technical means, and finally use ultra-pure water to clean the surface of silicon, to meet the requirements of cleanliness requirements of silicon.

Dry cleaning means that the cleaning process does not use chemical solvents, such as gas-phase dry cleaning technology, beam cleaning technology. Gas-phase dry cleaning technology using gasification of HF and silicon surface of the natural oxide layer interaction,Silicon Part can effectively remove the silicon surface oxide and oxide layer of metal particles, and has a certain inhibition of silicon surface oxide film produced effect. Gas dry cleaning greatly reduces the amount of HF and accelerates the efficiency of cleaning.

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