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Silicon Part Extend The Service Life Of Components, Reduce Production Costs

At present the solar industry, silicon Silicon Part processing is to cut the silicon block into a certain thickness of the silicon. The cutting of the silicon block is mainly driven by the steel wire. Mortar has a suspension and a silicon carbide composition. Crystalline silicon has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 and a Mohs hardness of 9.5 for silicon carbide. Silicon carbide hardness compared to crystalline silicon, crystal silicon can be grinding and cutting.

In the Silicon Part cutting process, the emergence of the incision problem, a great impact on the silicon chip pass rate. How to properly control the cutting of silicon cutting problems, first find the root of the problem. In this paper, from the steel wire, guide wheel, mortar and other aspects of analysis, proposed to reduce the silicon cutting method.

In the Silicon Part processing, the need for steel, mortar, guide wheel to participate in, but also to meet the high-speed rotation of steel, mortar constantly flow in the steel wire to complete the cutting of silicon. Specific cutting process: a certain tension of the steel wire in the guide wheel driven by the level of high-speed rotation, mortar constantly flow in the steel wire, with a viscous suspension can carry silicon carbide attached to the rotating steel wire. With the decline of the silicon block, the steel wire carries silicon carbide to cut the silicon block. Under normal circumstances after cutting the silicon is uniform thickness, no surface scratches. If the process of cutting, there are some silicon chip out of the phenomenon or after cutting the end of the Silicon Part observed on both sides of the uneven thickness, silicon surface appears obvious saw marks, collectively referred to as silicon cutting incline. Silicon Part slanting in the steel wire is generally superimposed on the wire together, or the steel directly out of the original guide wheel trough.

Deposited (pre-cleaning) is divided into two parts, first through physical methods, such as spray cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, overflow cleaning, first silicon surface attached to the metal powder, silicon powder, silicon carbide, cutting Suspensions and other impurities to remove, and then degumming the Silicon Part, degumming the required liquid temperature according to the glue used to set, the principle is that the glue in a certain temperature range will soften, the silicon automatically from the crystal towed off , While adding hot lactic acid or citric acid in the hot water can shorten the time to soften the glue, while the surface damage layer can be rough cast silicon, but also to prevent the silicon Silicon Part in the case of high temperature oxidation.

Silicon degumming is a seemingly simple and involves a lot of physical and chemical problems of a process, with the future development of science and technology, process technology innovation, automated degumming equipment will also be changed, the purpose of change Will be intelligent and precise, higher cleanliness, lower energy consumption and fragmentation rate is a fundamental measure of a good device.

The development of the future degumming machine is based on the first automatic silicon chip degumming machine, in its production line-type production under the premise of the existing equipment to continue to improve and function on the supplement, in particular, some of the details of the process. Its development direction is divided into:

(1) reduce equipment energy consumption. Spray washing is a large water consumption of the process, domestic equipment, water consumption roughly 8m3 / h or so, depending on the spray time and mortar viscosity (consider the use of recycled pulp), and some manufacturers also Equipped with a waste water recovery device, you can be part of the spray after the waste water filtration and then use. The water consumption of the imported equipment is about 5m3 / h, and the key to its water saving is the design of the spray pipe and the design of the mechanical structure in the spray tank, and the purpose of short-term spraying is achieved by adding auxiliary equipment. To achieve the purpose of water conservation, so the main purpose of the future degumming machine is to make a fuss on the water, through the integration of the spray process tank, coupled with the use of cleaning agents to achieve this purpose.

(2) reduce the area occupied by the equipment. Degumming machine is equipped with more parts of the process, how to make better use of space to integrate the process has become an important direction of development, through a number of machines on the sharing of a process device is also a good solution.

(3) to reduce the man-made operation of the equipment. On the degumming machine before and after the process of setting the interface to achieve the entire line of automated operation. Comprehensive integration of the front saw and rear wet sheet separation and Silicon Part cleaning is an effective measure to reduce human intervention and enables comprehensive process monitoring to encode all wash parts for traceability Of the problem, the Silicon Part production of an important parameter "fragmentation rate" control in the lowest range, will greatly reduce the production costs of silicon.

(4) to increase the self-cleaning function of the device. The degumming machine is a very dirty part of the Silicon Part production process. Through the observation of the manufacturer's production process, the maintenance of the equipment is a key factor to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The self-cleaning function of the equipment is also a way to reduce the maintenance time. The important role is to reduce maintenance time, extend the life of components, reduce production costs.

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