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Silicon Part Good Controllability, High Production Efficiency

The cleanliness of the Silicon Part surface is a key factor in the efficiency of the Silicon Part and the efficiency of the battery conversion. In order to obtain high cleanliness of the silicon, often after cutting the chip after the need to go through the degumming and fine cleaning of the two parts, and as the first cleaning process degumming cleaning, although there is no cutting process requirements so high, but also get clean Film of the important process, the cleaning process involves the physical, chemical, ultrasound and other disciplines.

Deposited (pre-cleaning) is divided into two parts, first through physical methods, such as spray cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, overflow cleaning, first silicon surface attached to the metal powder, silicon powder, silicon carbide, cutting Suspensions and other impurities to remove, and then degumming the Silicon Part, degumming the required liquid temperature according to the glue used to set, the principle is that the glue in a certain temperature range will soften, the silicon automatically from the crystal towed off , While adding hot lactic acid or citric acid in the hot water can shorten the time to soften the glue, while the surface damage layer can be rough cast silicon, but also to prevent the silicon Silicon Part in the case of high temperature oxidation.

The main component of polyethylene glycol (PEG), is a colorless transparent viscous liquid, in the line cutting, mainly by the beater to polyethylene glycol and silicon carbide powder (SiC) fully mixed into a "mortar" , The proportion of mortar according to different models and different manufacturers of PEG and SiC may be, the current density of the mortar in the 1.62 ~ 1.65 between. The entire cutting process is by the wire through the surface tension attached to the mortar, through the silicon carbide powder on the continuous grinding of silicon rod, and ultimately cut into silicon.

In the cutting process will produce silicon powder and crushed, in fact, is the process of cutting the wire in the grinding silicon rod worn when the silicon particles, and in the process of decomposition of metal ions.

Usually in the process of degumming will add some weak acid, shorten the time of degumming, mixing ratio is usually 1: 2.

Silicon rods and crystal drag is usually fixed with glue to achieve, the purpose is to make the silicon rod in the cutting process does not move. General domestic factories are commonly used as "American glue" of the epoxy resin VALTON, that is AB glue.

Degumming cleaning and spray pressure, ambient temperature, acid concentration and temperature, and time have a certain relationship, the pressure of the spray to control between 2 ~ 3MPa, the pressure will make the mortar difficult to clean, so the spray pump The choice is particularly important; the ambient temperature to be controlled between 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, the ambient temperature is too low will also affect the separation of mortar, so good equipment will be added before the spray in a heating process to ensure that the ambient temperature is low The concentration of the acid and the temperature is the key to degumming, the general use of the factory are lactic acid, the ratio of 1: 2 appropriate, the temperature control at 70 ℃ or so, in the face of bad off the appropriate rubber Increase the acid concentration and improve the acid temperature can play a better effect, degumming time should not be too long, generally controlled at 800 ~ 900s, too long will be corroded to the surface of silicon, but the next step flocking quality.

Manual washing of silicon rods is the lowest cost of a way, through the water gun in the silicon rod surface back and forth to wash the purpose of cleaning the Silicon Part, to be mortar after washing (through the naked eye observation), then the silicon rod into the acid tank Degumming. Its shortcomings are inefficient, there is no standard control of the entire degumming process, the cost of wire saws is high, but the manual operation will affect the fragmentation rate, it will not achieve the entire production chain cost savings purposes, the whole process of people and the environment also have a certain Of the injury, so the manufacturers have eliminated the way of manual washing, in individual small factories can also see the way of manual washing.

Automatic degumming is the main production mode of degumming process, and its high degree of automation, good controllability, high production efficiency, greatly reducing the chip fragmentation rate for the manufacturers to save production costs. Currently on the market of domestic automatic Silicon Part gluing machine main production process is flushing, ultrasonic and heating degumming, the cost-effective than the imports of degumming machine is much higher, so in the degumming cleaning this link are basically replaced by domestic equipment , But in some key technologies and equipment, energy consumption, domestic equipment and imported equipment there is a certain gap. Automatic degumming machine in the degumming before the need to cut the finished silicon rod placed in a special basket above, and then through the robot to achieve the production of silicon rod in each process tank. Different manufacturers for different manipulator structure and process groove structure will have different structures of the basket, but the basic functions are the same, Figure 1 by the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, the second research institute produced basket.

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