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Silicon Part Reduce The Cutting Capacity Of Mortar

After the ingot is finished, or when the Silicon Part is sorted, it is often found that the Silicon Part surface is bright and the Silicon Part layer is linearly dislocated. The distribution is mostly near the chamfer of the glue, Produced in the middle of the chamfer. There are many factors influencing the Silicon Part wafers. This paper mainly analyzes the three aspects of crystal sticking, wafer cutting and pre-cleaning.

Before the cutting of Silicon Part wafers, glass, Silicon Part, guide bars and so on in accordance with a certain process of bonding into a crystal rod, the ingot of the bonding process and the use of raw materials will have an impact on the plastic side of the collapse, so the bonding process Operation is critical.

The following is the ingot bonding process:

(1) Prepare the tray. The tray clean and clean, to ensure that the tray surface clean and dirt-free, tray loading card parts without deformation, check the tray screws are loose, steel plate surface is flat, between the tray and steel plate gap.

(2) prepare frosted glass. Check whether the frost on the glass surface is uniform, the matte is not used; the edge is neat, the size is qualified, and then according to the glass and the tray match the situation, the glass side of the positioning of the crossed to facilitate the accurate positioning of the sticky glass. Use alcohol and paper to wipe the tray and glass adhesive surface clean.

(3) prepare glue for bonding glass. Commonly used glue for the epoxy resin. After the weighing of the glue with the full fast mixing, requiring no uniform color color, the amount of each preparation does not allow too much to prevent the long exposure of epoxy resin in the surface of the air coagulation.

(4) Adhesive glass. Will be just prepared all the glue on the clean flat steel plate, wiping the glue to be as uniform as possible, otherwise the excess glue will flow to the tray; and then turn the tray over the adhesive surface buckle in the glass bonding surface, Tighten, squeeze out the bubbles between the glass and the aluminum plate and position it according to the positioning line on the side of the glass side. (At any time to correct the movement of the glass and tray position).

(5) After curing for a period of time, the glass tray will be turned over to dimension the positioning.

(6) prepare the Silicon Part block. Select the Silicon Part block to be bonded, the location of the Silicon Part block to the location of the same length. Wipe the Silicon Part and glass adhesive surfaces with alcohol and paper.

(7) Adhesive Silicon Part block. The preparation of the sticky glue evenly coated on the glass, with a small shovel flat, so that the plastic evenly on the glass distribution, sticky glass tray close to the tooling of the positioning of the fulcrum, the Silicon Part block bonding surface on the glass , Forced to move back and forth, the air out, and then press the weight on top. Measuring and adjusting the overall length of the ingot, so that the same group of two ends of the same length of Silicon Part.

(8) scraping gum. After bonding in the Silicon Part block and glass contact surface will be a lot of glue, the presence of the glue will affect the cutting, it should be cured before the need to remove it. Scraping time is after the removal of heavy objects, if the interval is too long colloid after curing is not easy to eradicate. Scrap the surface of the plastic, with the guide bar into 10o-30o angle parallel movement, the direction of the bar towards the glass. In addition, the side of the Silicon Part block, the tray may also be sticky dirt, need to wipe clean.

(9) Adhesive guide bars. Adhesive Silicon Part block 30min after the removal of heavy objects in the Silicon Part on both sides of the surface were bonded two wood grain tape, so that the distance between the two tape is equal to the width of the guide strip, in the tape gap in the preparation of a good guide With glue, and then stick the guide bar.

(10) curing. Bonding of the Silicon Part block need to cure more than 4 hours to pass into the wire saw process cutting.

In the process of ingot bonding, the factors affecting the plastic side of the collapse are:

(1) frosted glass surface matte uneven, affecting the surface flatness, and thus affect the effect of Silicon Part block bonding, resulting in collapse.

(2) Adhesive Silicon Part adhesive bonding strength and hardness does not meet the requirements, when the steel wire through the Silicon Part block adhesive surface, the stress generated by plastic face collapse. In general, the hardness of the glue after curing and the hardness of the Silicon Part itself is close, it is conducive to bonding effect.

(3) Adhesive glue mixed with uneven, affecting the bonding strength; or a one-time with more glue, leading to glue in the cement before the cement hardening, bonding Silicon Part block after the deterioration of glue flow, glue uneven distribution , Poor bonding effect.

(4) uneven scraping gum, uneven distribution of the thickness of the glue, there stratification phenomenon, cutting to the knife position will cause the plastic side of the collapse of the edge, there will be serious cases of broken pieces of Silicon Part film.

(5) bonding Silicon Part block, the glue bubbles, bubbles do not back out, it will lead to plastic side of the collapse.

(6) scraping gum is not clean. Due to the adhesion of Silicon Part block after the glue from the Silicon Part side of the two sides of the overflow, leaving the Silicon Part block on both sides of the exposed chamfering parts, if the residual glue is not clean, then cut to the knife, due to the heat generated by cutting Poor softening, affecting the amount of steel loaded with sand, resulting in a knife line bow, cutting capacity is insufficient, resulting in plastic side of the collapse.

(7) the thickness of the adhesive layer. The instantaneous high temperature generated during the cutting process will soften the gel layer, reduce the ability of the steel to carry the sand, increase the edge of the knife and the edge of the knife edge, and the edge of the friction will produce glue edge, The more thin the more conducive to reduce the production of plastic side of the collapse.

(8) bonding room temperature and humidity effects. As the temperature and humidity will affect the glue hardening and curing time, thereby affecting the glue bonding effect, it must take measures to ensure that the bonding room temperature and humidity.

The cutting process of the Silicon Part wafer is completed by the steel wire and the mortar, in which the mortar is prepared by the Silicon Part carbide and the cutting fluid according to a certain proportion, has a certain viscosity and density, and actually play the role of cutting Silicon Part carbide particles. The steel wire is wound on the cutting chamber guide wheel to form a flat wire net. During the cutting process, the mortar is rotated at high speed, and the mortar flowing out of the slurry mouth is caused by the suspension action of the cutting fluid so that the Silicon Part carbide particles are wrapped on the surface of the steel wire. , The Silicon Part carbide has a Mohs hardness of 9.5, Silicon Part Mohs hardness of 7, Silicon Part carbide hardness is greater than the hardness of Silicon Part, which play a cutting effect.

In order to reduce the production cost, small groove from the fine steel wire cutting has become the current trend of the slice industry, but because the wire diameter is thinner, carrying sand capacity will be affected; on the other hand, the groove is reduced, Area increases, will also increase the wear and fragmentation of Silicon Part carbide, thereby reducing the mortar cutting capacity. In particular, cutting to the knife position, Silicon Part carbide edges are rounded, cutting capacity is further reduced, so inevitably there will be a bow (generally, the line for the 5-7mm). Steel wire cutting to the Silicon Part block when the surface will be three types of media, that is, Silicon Part, glue and glass, due to the hardness of the three different steel wire through the three kinds of media by stress caused by collapse, resulting in Silicon Part , Produce plastic face collapse. The other three kinds of different melting point of the medium, the cutting process of high temperature and heat will make the glue layer and glass softening, affecting the ability of steel to carry sand, increase the knife saw marks, resulting in plastic edge collapse.

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