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Silicon Part Reduce The Method Of Cutting Silicon Wafer

At present the solar industry, silicon processing is to cut the silicon block into a certain thickness of the silicon. The cutting of the silicon block is mainly driven by the steel wire. Mortar has a suspension and a silicon carbide composition. Crystalline silicon has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 and a Mohs hardness of 9.5 for silicon carbide. The hardness of silicon carbide is larger than that of crystalline silicon, and the crystalline silicon can be ground and cut.

In the Silicon Part cutting process, the emergence of the incision problem, a great impact on the qualified rate of silicon. How to properly control the cutting of silicon cutting problems, first find the root cause of the problem. In this paper, from the steel wire, guide wheel, mortar and other aspects of the analysis, proposed to reduce the silicon cutting method.

First, the phenomenon of silicon cutting oblique

In the Silicon Part processing, the need for steel, mortar, guide wheel to participate, but also to meet the high-speed rotation of steel, mortar constantly flow in the steel wire to complete the cutting of silicon. Specific cutting process: a certain tension of the steel wire in the guide wheel driven by the level of high-speed rotation, mortar constantly flow in the steel wire, with a viscous suspension can carry silicon carbide attached to the rotating steel wire. With the decline of the silicon block, the steel wire carries silicon carbide to cut the silicon block. Under normal circumstances after cutting the silicon is uniform and thin, the surface without saw marks. If the process of cutting, there are some silicon chip out of the phenomenon or after cutting the end of the Silicon Part observed on both sides of the uneven thickness, silicon surface appears obvious saw marks, collectively referred to as silicon cutting incline. Silicon Part cutting performance in the steel wire is generally superimposed on the steel wire, or steel wire directly out of the original guide wheel trough.

Second, the root cause of silicon cutting oblique

Steel wire in the process of cutting high-speed silicon, the need to maintain the vertical position of steel wire and silicon block, once the steel wire tilt, it will directly lead to cutting silicon Silicon Part slanting problems.

The root cause of the occurrence of silicon slit is due to various factors that make the steel wire and silicon block relative to the lateral movement, resulting in the direction of the movement of the cutting.

Third, the silicon cut to bring the harm

In the process of cutting the silicon, the steel wire in the horizontal direction of the traction force, friction, if the phenomenon of sloping, will inevitably lead to the horizontal position of the steel wire and the relative movement. At this time the steel wire in the horizontal force and increased a shear force, increased the risk of broken wire.

Silicon cutting in the cut part of the silicon material, greatly reducing the Silicon Part pass rate, reduce production efficiency and increase the cost of silicon processing.

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