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Silicon Protective Cover Use Of The Security

Silicon Protective Cover Each type of protective equipment has its use restrictions, the choice of eye protection products, need to be considered from many aspects, including the level of protection, comprehensive protection, easy operation, comfort and cost.

(1) Employers occupational health and safety management personnel should fully identify and assess the potential risk of occupational hazards in the workplace,Silicon Protective Cover with suitable eye protection products for workers;

(2) through the trial selection of personalized eye protection products, each interpupillary distance, different face, combined with the actual situation of employees with comfortable eye protection products;

(3) wearing a myopia staff,Silicon Protective Cover need to choose for eyeglasses designed for eye care, such as can be covered in myopia outside the protective glasses or goggles, or the use of orthodontic safety glasses;

(4) welding goggles can not be used for arc welding operation, for welding auxiliary or gas welding and so little ultraviolet radiation, but there is light,Silicon Protective Cover infrared radiation, and less splash welding operations can use welding goggles;

(5) Matching with other protective equipment and tools used in the operation, such as wearing protective glasses and earmuffs at the same time, the glasses legs inserted into the earmuffs will affect the noise reduction effect of the earmuffs;

(6) Applicability of protective material to operating conditions. Such as some workplace requirements without silicone, some protective goggles may contain silica gel composition;

(7) the safety of use in special operating environments. For example, in the presence of electric shock hazards where the use of metal materials, protective glasses,Silicon Protective Cover colored lenses used indoors can make the light weakened and lead to danger;

(8) If there is no anti-fog coating, even if the vents of the vents will fog, will affect the line of sight.

Eye protection articles are used for wearing procedures

Choose the appropriate eye protection products, but also need to use and wear properly, can play an effective protective effect.

(1) before use, should refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual, to understand its wearing methods and precautions;

(2) before wearing, first check the eye protection products are intact; in wearing eye protection products, should check whether the solid, do bending, bow and other work-related action will fall off;

(3) in places where eye damage exists,Silicon Protective Cover should always adhere to wear protective equipment, supervisors or visitors and other personnel temporarily into the place of eye damage, should comply with the same safety regulations, in the workplace always wear eye Department of protective equipment.

Maintenance of eye protection products

Good maintenance can extend the life of protective equipment, reduce business costs. For maintenance, refer to the manufacturer's information to clean the protective equipment.

(1) eye protection should be dedicated to people, such as multi-person sharing or in the presence of eye disease may be infected, or in the case of infectious diseases, etc., should be based on the use of guidelines, eye protection products for disinfection;

(2) To prevent lens scratches,Silicon Protective Cover place the lens upside down to avoid contact with rough surfaces, do not use rough paper or cloth to wipe the lens;

(3) Do not use organic solvents to wipe the lens, do not use a knife and its sharp tool to scratch the lens surface, and not with parts, tools and other hard objects stacked together;

(4) To prevent the deformation of the glasses, do not place heavy objects on the glasses or excessive squeeze glasses;

(5) protective glasses if there is a slight scratches,Silicon Protective Cover will not affect its impact resistance, but when the lens cracks, or lens bracket cracking, deformation or damage, must be replaced in time.

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