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Specific Roles And Functions Of Analysis Of Mobile Phone Shell

With the rapid development of technology, beauty as a new industry in the industry of science and technology students. IT fashion brand with the diversification of markets. Mobile phone brands and increases the function of diversification, Mobile Shell texture leather, silicone rubber, cloth, plastic, leather, metal, plastic, velvet, silk and other categories. Mobile phone protective shells, not only as decorations to make your mobile phone becomes a landscape, can protect cell phones, shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, waterproof and shockproof! China report Hall of small mobile shell series finishing of concrete and functional characteristics analysis of information is as follows:

Late in the mid 1990 of the 20th century, Mobile Shell slim opportunity through mobile phones became popular. Type as the capabilities of mobile phone brand and also increased and diversified, quality leather, silicone, fabric, plastic, soft plastics and other products. Mobile phone housing development by 2013, is no longer a purely practical goods. With the popularity of mobile phones in the young community of almost every fashion of young people would like to have a unique phone. Mobile beauty has become a way to show their personality. In order to accommodate this trend, cell phone manufacturers also offer more sophisticated workmanship, design more unique products. The type which makes bumpers more diversity.

Mobile phone housing

1, protection of mobile phones, left in case something hard on the phone's screen, or scratches.

2, cell phone shell can be various patterns on the DIY, beauty and fashion!

3, the silicone shell prevents nails a long time contact with key scratches, wear, protective screens and buttons.

4, silicone shell non-slip effect.

Features of mobile phone housing

The advantages of mobile shell:

Mobile phone protective case features: slip-proof, shock-proof, scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, wear-resistant, unique, cool, enhance life and can show a person's personality.

Disadvantages of mobile shell:

1, shell if not very snugly and the phone itself will cause wear to the mobile phone.

2, metal casing will cause some cell-phone signal interference.

3, TPU material for mobile phone cover easy to change color.

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