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Maple Leaf Silicone Fidget Spinner

Maple Leaf Silicone Fidget Spinner

This silicone fidget spinner is with Canada national flag, the maple leaf, it is a good idea for Canada Day.

Product Details

Long spinning time

This spinner can spinn at least 2 minutes. With Canada national flag, is a  good gift

canadian national gift with all colors

canadian national gift (3).jpg


Perfect size

suitable for Adults and kids, simple, easy to carry 

canadian national gift (5).jpg 

Various colors

Canada Day gifts have various colors for option, customized color is supported

canadian national gift (20).jpg


Durable, Stainless

This silicone spinner is with long span, unlike the 608 bearing, this spinner won't rust.

canadian national gift (4).jpg


Food grade:

This FDA silicone spinner is safe for children and adult.

food grade.jpg



Super quiet

This silicone spinner is very quiet while spinning, it is suitable for quiet places like classrooms, libraries and bedrooms etc.


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