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Standard Kingsize Silicone Cigarette Case

Standard Kingsize Silicone Cigarette Case

Silicone cigarette case has 3 sizes: slim size, standard size and 100S size( or king size). We can do customized logo printing and customized size.

Product Details

Made of silicone, feels smooth and cool to the touch a packet of 20 Kings size (normal smaller size cigarettes) fits snugly inside. This ideal cigarette case is not only attractive but durable and waterproof.

These cigarette cases are designed to be attractive as well as practical. Ciggie sleeves are the answer to covering up those awful packets, your cigarette packets will fit snugly into the Ciggie box. Ciggie sleeves are not just a Kool cover up but are extremely practical they are waterproof so no more ‘soggy smokes’ when you forget to bring them in from outside! The cigarette cases come in a range of colours that will suit the most discerning palettes. They are also very durable and all for less than the price of a packet of cigarettes.

By using a cigarette case you are also covering up the packaging which might help deter children from taking up the habit. 

The ciggie cases look and feel good are easy to find in your handbag, don’t get squashed in your pocket and are a neat answer to dreadful pictures. They are warm and tactile to touch unlike the tin cigarette boxes on the market.

Various Colors for option

silicone cigarette case (12).jpg


Various Sizes for option


100s cigarette case size:

100s cigarette case (1).jpg

Standard cigarette case size




slim silicone cigarette case size

case size.jpg


Customized logo supported

customized logo.jpg


Waterproof function

water proof silicone case.jpg

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